This is a real estate listing site of commercial property available in the Cottage Grove area that was built in tandem with the Growing the Grove website.

This was a website commissioned by a partnership between the City of Cottage Grove, the Cottage Grove Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Economic & Business Improvement District with the purpose of attracting businesses to the Cottage Grove area.

The International Conference on Men’s Issues is a worldwide conference of the men’s rights movement. This year is being hosted by the Honey Badger Brigade in Chicago. is a directory of verified false accusers of sexual assault. All the women profiled here have either recanted their accusation or been convicted of filing a false report.

I rewrote the backend Python code to manage the transfer and testing of uploaded 3rd party titles. We needed to transfer rather large data sets around the world, dependent on which markets the title was being released in, etc. was a Christian social site where people of faith could send and receive prayers from their prayer partners. Because of the social functionality it was built on Liferay Portal CE, with custom portlets built in Vaadin.

Tahoe Social was a startup to create a social search engine for the Lake Tahoe Basin, including South Lake Tahoe, Truckee, Kings Beach, Tahoma, Tahoe Pines, Tahoe City, Incline Beach, Glenbrook, and Stateline.

Bohemia Mining Days is our local summer festival, celebrating the gold rush era that founded towns like Cottage Grove, Oregon. Their website was a sad thing, and Lillibolero along with Kizmetech built them a nice little Wordpress site to commemorate the State of Oregon’s 150th anniversary. was a Liferay 6.0 portal based baby boomer lifestyle site. This project required custom Java and Groovy portlets and Lillibolero oversaw development for J2EE based Liferay portal mylivingdays.

Manufacturing Solutions Innovation is a company that specializes in actuators and drive motors manufactured in China. They needed a B2B site to display their current line actuators as well as advertise their custom manufacturing services.

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