Blades and Shears

Not everything about a website is visible on the page. This was a small project Lillibolero got involved in through Amazon’s AWS IQ program which pairs clients with AWS Certified professionals like myself. The design was fine, the hosting was fine, everything was fine except the site would not display. A bit of investigation uncovered a misconfiguration in Route 53 AWS’s DNS service. Which illustrates the point that a website is more than just what you see on the screen. Many different services come into play - web servers, DNS servers, databases, the complexities of a content delivery network, all of which must function properly to deliver your content to your website’s visitors. Which is why it’s important that your developer understand the entire chain of services involved, not just how to develop artistic content.

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A simple misconfiguration rendered this site unviewable. Even small problems can be huge when they keep you from reaching your customers. Lillibolero to the rescue.

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