International Prom

Women’s fashion for formal gowns is not a world that Lillibolero is particularly familiar with, but when the International Prom Association asked us to help them migrate their site to AWS, we were happy to oblige. Their site was limping along, trying to serve an enormous number of images through a single Wordpress install on shared hosting. Lillibolero moved their site to a budget friendly AWS Lightsail instance, and moved their gigabytes of graphic content to be served from an AWS S3 bucket. All of this was placed behind the content delivery network at Cloudflare. The effect was to take most of the load off the Wordpress server, so that even at peak traffic it could still handle all the requests that came in. This is one of the main benefits of using a CDN like Cloudflare. It can cache static resources produced by the main Wordpress origin server so that every request does not have to be handled by Wordpress. Having the image content served from S3 helps tremendously as well. Now the site can happily chug along with most of its load and storage being served by the low cost and highly available AWS S3.

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A poorly performing Wordpress site needed a fresh start in the cloud. Lillibolero was happy to perform the migration and suggest ways to deliver their content faster without breaking the bank.

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