Liferay can be a bit brutal the first time you develop on it. It is the 800 lbs. gorilla of CMS portals was a Liferay 6.0 portal based baby boomer lifestyle site. This project required custom Java and Groovy portlets and Lillibolero oversaw development for J2EE based Liferay portal .

This was a fun project. Java Portal technology has to be the most difficult way to put web applications, in the guise of portlets, up on the Internet, but the ease with which you can mix and match those portlets is almost worth the effort. The Groovy portlets were a quick way to get a portlet built, though now that Liferay has better support for other JVM languages I see less of a use for them. This was Liferay 6.0 and in retrospect, Liferay gets better with each point release. Take that for what you will.


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