Our original site, built on Plone. I had built applications on Zope 2 and enjoyed the pythonic flavor of it so I thought to try out the CMS built on top of it.

With the help of LightWeb Design, Lillibolero rebuilt the South Lane Fire and Rescue website with Joomla CMS as part of a community outreach project.

Lavender Field Embroidery was the first website Lillibolero built when the company was formed. It didn’t turn out that bad, considering how convoluted the Joomla development process was at the time.

It was built on Joomla and was one of the first sites Lillibolero built. Joomla can be somewhat hard to maintain, or at least this version was.

In 2005 our small rural library needed help. They had a bank of Windows based public Internet terminals where you could see all the latest trends in malware and porn, if you could get the public machines to boot at all, and a website from the mid 90’s .

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