AWS Quick Tips: Change a Password on IAM

By J. Toman / on 16 Sep, 2019

How To Change a Password on IAM

Your user lost their password for the AWS console. Now what? There are two basic ways to solve this problem: use the CLI or use the AWS Console.


The first is the easiest, assuming you have the AWS CLI set up on your computer. The command is the breathtakingly straighforward:

aws iam update-login-profile --user-name <username> --password <password>

Stunning in its brevity, no? Make sure the password complies with your account’s password policy and if you require a password reset on login make sure your user can change their own password.

AWS Console

The AWS Management Console seems to change frequently so the graphics might be outdated, but roughly:

  1. Log in to your root account on the AWS console
  2. From the Services dropdown on the Dashboard, go to IAM
  3. Select Users from the left sidebar
  4. Select the user you want to change a password for
  5. Select the ‘Security credentials’ tab in the middle of the screen
  6. At ‘Console password’ click ‘Manage’
  7. A pop up will appear.
    1. Make sure ‘Console access’ is Enabled.
    2. Click ‘Custom Password’.
    3. Fill in the password, making sure it complies with password policies.
    4. Click ‘Apply’ at the bottom.
  8. Inform the user of their new password and strongly suggest they change it once they are in their account again.
  9. Swear by all that’s holy you will install the AWS CLI and learn to use it.

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