AWS Quick Tips: Workmail Migration

AWS Quick Tips: Workmail Migration
By J. Toman / on 16 Sep, 2019

I need to migrate my email, contact lists, calendar to Workmail. How do I do that?

As far as managed email goes, Workmail is pretty reasonable in cost and has all the features one might expect for business email. The only thing that’s missing as far as we are concerned is an integrated PGP/GPG solution in their web client. However, when set up correctly Workmail does encrypt your email using AWS KMS on its servers.

Lillibolero is more than willing to take your money to help you with your migration project. However, before you start writing us checks you should know that AWS is very determined to get businesses to use their managed email service (probably some GSuite envy there), so they have partnered with a number of companies who will take on the migration project for free, or at least for free to you. Here are the ones we know about at this time

Here’s the original page detailing the Workmail migration offer from AWS . Given how complicated migrating email can be, it’s a real lifesaver to be able to hand this off to experts who will do it at no cost.

Of course, if you feel an irresistible need to write a check for premium email migration service, Lillibolero can help you with this too.

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