Amazon Web Services Consulting

AWS is the market leader and largest public cloud services platform in the world. Serving over 13 regions around the world with multiple Availability Zones in each region, AWS provides an unrivaled selection of products and services which can scale dynamically from the very small to world big something.

"The value proposition of the cloud is simple: by turning capital expenses into operational expenses the cloud allows your business to dream"

So what can AWS do for you?

The cloud allows your business to dream. The value proposition of the cloud is that there is no up-front cost in infrastructure, allowing your business to explore new directions for much less than it would cost to build in-house. Resources that would have gone into capital expenses building infrastructure can instead go into your project development.

We provide AWS cloud consulting for both businesses with an active AWS cloud based infrastructure, and those just trying to decide whether AWS is right for them.

Some of our cloud based services include:
  • S3 Backup and archival storage service

  • Static S3 Websites

  • Serverless systems

  • Chatbots and Alexa Skills

  • IAM security planning and auditing

  • Disaster recovery planning

What Can We Build For You?

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