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Unique Requirements, Unique Solutions

Sometimes the difference between success and failure is having a custom tool that fits your special business needs instead of putting up with COTS software. That's where Lillibolero comes in. With our 25+ years experience building software tools and systems to fit the specialized needs of a company, Lillibolero is capable of delivering the solutions you need to keep your business on track.

"You cannot mandate productivity. You must provide the tools to let people become their best"

-Steve Jobs

Your business is unique, why isn't your software?

Usually, most of the time, an off the shelf solution will provide better value if your business is doing things a typical business does. The economies of scale will drive the price down and a large user community will guarantee that there is support available either from the software company that created the product or from third party firms that specialize in providing support for that software. Social media groups and blogs built around that software can also be a great way to get some limited support, though you have to know enough to be able to separate the experts from the ignorant.

Sometimes, the advantages of a solution tailored to you needs outweigh the upfront cost of of development. That could be a mobile application, a custom server solution, or a desktop application tailored to your business needs.

Always be sure that whether it's a front office desktop tool, a mobile application, or a back room server to fit your business requirements, you can be confident that Lillibolero can deliver your custom application on time and on budget.

Desktop. Mobile. Server.
Contact us for a free estimate of what it would take to build your project. We might even be able to think of a different way to approach and solve your business needs, because the bottom line is that software is only useful if it serves you.

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