IT Consulting

Responsive First
Did you know that 80% of traffic to a website these days comes from mobile devices? That's why it's important for your web project to display well regardless of the device it's being viewed on.

Social Engineering
Most security incidents start with tricking staff into revealing sensitive data or poor security policies, and not with technical hacking. Let Lillibolero help you set up a comprehensive security policy for your business.

Slow Systems
Sluggish computers are usually caused by too many programs running and not enough memory. Don't toss that older system until you let Lillibolero analyse the problem!

Managed IT Services

Lillibolero provides reliable secure computer support and managed IT services tailored to your business needs. Our predictable IT support plans allow you to plan your IT spending while enjoying peace of mind knowing your IT is running efficiently.

IT Consulting

Are you using what you have to its fullest advantage? Lilibolero can review your current IT infrastructure and tell you where your weaknesses are, as well as your strengths. If you feel that technology at your company should be working better but don't know how to get it done, contact Lillibolero. We can work with you to understand what your best options are to accomplish your goals. From planning for expansion to a new location to determining the best time to replace those aging servers and workstations, partnering with the right IT team is the foundation to ensuring your technology investments are successful.

Security Consulting

Your data is your business. How secure is it, and what policies do you have in place to mitigate data loss and data breach? Lillibolero can help, with comprehensive security audits, disaster recovery planning and managed backups. Don't depend on wishful thinking that it won't happen to you. Secure what can be secured, and have a recovery plan in place so that when bad news comes calling, it doesn't stay for long.

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