By J. Toman / on 12 Jul, 2019

Static Sites

5 Ways Static Websites Are Better For Your Business Technologies come and go. The first websites were simple collections of text, links, and images....

By / on 24 Jun, 2016

Nintendo TPP

I rewrote the backend Python code to manage the transfer and testing of uploaded 3rd party titles. We needed to transfer rather large data sets around the world, dependent on which markets the title was being released in, etc....

By / on 24 Jun, 2012

Growing the Grove Property

This was a real estate listing site of commercial property available in the Cottage Grove area that was built in tandem with the Growing the Grove website....

By / on 24 Jun, 2009

Manufacturing Solutions Innovation

Manufacturing Solutions Innovation is a company that specializes in actuators and drive motors manufactured in China. They needed a B2B site to display their current line actuators as well as advertise their custom manufacturing services....

By / on 24 Jun, 2007


Our original site, built on Plone. I had built applications on Zope 2 and enjoyed the pythonic flavor of it so I thought to try out the CMS built on top of it....

By / on 24 Jun, 2006

Lavender Field Embroidery

Lavender Field Embroidery was the first website Lillibolero built when the company was formed. It didn’t turn out that bad, considering how convoluted the Joomla development process was at the time....